What is a Community Bank?

What is a Community Bank? Local Decisions, Local Commitment, Local Investments

A community bank, defined by Independent Community Bankers of America and Community Bankers of Wisconsin, are banks that focus on area families, businesses and interests.  Unlike many larger banks that may take deposits in one state and lend in others, community banks channel most of their loans to the neighborhoods where their depositors live and work, helping to keep local communities vibrant and growing.

Park Bank is proudly a community bank, a small business that understands the needs of other small businesses, friends and neighbors with interests in seeing the local economy thrive.  13 of the past 15 years, we have received the highest award in the state for the number of SBA loans made (for banks our size).

Customer testimonial:
                      “I am the owner of Shoot the Duck, Inc., the parent company to La Crosse Archery and Sparta Archery. We had a very real challenge for growth and needed funding that our current lending institution was unwilling to provide. David (Justus) and Park Bank came to the rescue with an SBA loan that has helped us grow the business and become the dominant player in Western Wisconsin.   Last year David came to us and said, “I really think you should buy that building that you’re leasing”, which we hadn’t even considered. It turns out to be the right decision and David was there to help us with this too.

Professionally, I have the belief that he truly cares about our business. He asks the right questions and pays attention to what we are doing. I’ve made recommendations to others and will continue to do so.”                         -Keith Rosenthal

When making loans, business or personal, considerations like character and family history are factored in by community banks, rather than the impersonal criteria of credit scores only used by the “big banks”.

And, Park Bank can proudly say they have NEVER sold the servicing of one of their mortgages. Our home loan customers make their mortgage payments with the same people that financed their homes for them.

And now, we are your community bank with all of the modern convenience.  Download Park Bank’s mobile banking app on your smart phone or tablet.  Then do all of your banking anytime, anywhere…make loan payments, check your balances, make transfers and more.

Park Bank-Holmen, La Crosse, Sparta­­­

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Park Bank, with locations in Holmen, La Crosse and Sparta, is your community bank with all of the modern conveniences.

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